If you’re the landlord or owner of several large residential buildings in the Metro Atlanta area, you’ll already know that petty crime and vandalism are common issues. If you’re wondering how to curb issues like this and give your residents a better overall sense of safety and security, we’re here to help. Today, we’re going to chat about how private security patrols could be the option you’re looking for. Let’s get started.

Benefits of Private Security Patrols for Residential Areas

#1: Enhanced Visibility and Deterrence

You might think that security cameras at strategically placed angles would be sufficient for your uses. However, we invite you to consider blind spots and equipment failure. With a security system that relies solely on camera angles and someone to keep an eye on screens, you’re not getting a comprehensive picture of what happens all the way around your residential area.

Furthermore, the physical presence of security guards in a rotating fashion will help to deter petty crime and vandalism.

#2: Rapid Response to Incidents

By having private security guards on the ground rather than in a building — away from residents — you can improve responsiveness to any kind of incident that may happen. Even if the guards only serve to observe and report an incident between two residents, for example, you’ll get more information due to the prompt ability of the guard to respond.

#3: Comprehensive Coverage

As we mentioned above, cameras are pretty limited in their coverage ability — unless you have thousands of dollars to spend on equipment, wiring, and monitors to watch. With private security guards, they can be wherever their feet can carry them: into blind spots, alleyways, corridors, and so many other places that may be invisible to camera systems.

#4: Cost-Effectiveness

As you can imagine, it’s going to cost you some money, regardless of what route you choose to take. The best private security setups will include a combination of both technology security and physical, human guards. Worried about cost? Hiring a private security guard detail might be less expensive than you think.

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#5: Peace of Mind for Residents

Perhaps the best benefit of all, on-site security guards improve peace of mind in your residents. You want them to feel safe. Cameras can help, but there’s something to be said for a mobile security detail. It speaks dedication and honest concern for residents and will improve resident confidence and emotional well-being.

Eagle Eye Protection: Metro Atlanta Private Security Patrols

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