In Atlanta, there’s no denying that the construction industry is booming — and this is great for our economy. However, with this growth comes an unfortunate increased risk of theft, vandalism, and other security threats. Luckily, private security can be helpful in these situations; guarding construction sites (when your workers can’t) is one of the biggest benefits. Today, we’re going to chat about why you should consider on-site security for your construction projects. Let’s get started.

6 Benefits of Construction Site Private Security Measures in Metro Atlanta

#1: Private Security Is a Crime Deterrent

First and foremost, the presence of private security acts as a powerful deterrent against crime. It’s definitely not a secret that thieves and vandals often target construction sites due to the valuable machinery and materials left on-site after hours. Private security can help make this type of theft more difficult and trickier to succeed at. Our uniformed guards and surveillance systems make people think twice about entering your site. They know that their chances of being caught and facing consequences are much higher.

#2: Tailored Security Measures

Furthermore, we can create a custom surveillance plan that suits your construction site “to the t.” We can customize hours, viewing angles, locks, and much more to help you protect your valuable construction assets.

#3: Quick Response in Emergencies

Having someone on-site at all times also means that emergency response can happen much more quickly. With a security guard presence keeping an eye on your construction site day and night, 911 calls can be placed immediately — not by some bystander who walks past the site or in the morning when you discover a trespassing.

#4: Reducing Financial Losses

As we mentioned above, it’s no secret that construction sites store lots of expensive equipment. If we know it, potential thieves know it, too. By placing security guards around your site 24/7, you can deter theft and protect your assets.

#5: Boosting Worker Confidence

Many construction companies only consider security personnel during off-hours, but we recommend you consider hiring a guard or two during working hours, too. This can help encourage staying on task, but it can also boost worker confidence, knowing that there are individuals watching over their safety.

#6: Compliance & Lowering Insurance Premiums

If you’re struggling to get a good rate for your construction site insurance, consider hiring our security guards. Round-the-clock security can help lower your premium and keep your job site safe.

How Do I Hire Construction Site Private Security Guards?

It’s easy! Get in touch with our team at Eagle Eye Protection, right here in Metro Atlanta. We will work with you to understand your job site’s needs, then we’ll give you a quote for our services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help or to schedule a consultation for our private security services. We’re here to keep your job site and your workers safe!

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