Unfortunately, active shooter threats are a real possibility in today’s world. From schools to businesses, being prepared for the worst is always the best option. But how do we, as businesses in Metro Atlanta, prepare for this type of situation? One of the best ways (which also has numerous other benefits) is to hire private security. Why? That’s what we’re going to take a look at in today’s blog, so let’s get started.

The Role of Private Security for Active Shooter Threats

Active shooter threats, while most of us don’t want to think about them, are a problem that needs to be considered and planned for. By having a disaster plan, lives can be saved, and some situations can even be dissolved before they become dangerous. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having private security teams on-site in regard to active shooter threats.

#1: Deter Active Shooter Threats from Beginning

As we know, private security guards are a baseline deterrent for crime, theft, and other negative happenings at businesses and public places. By having security guards present, potential crimes are less likely, as it’s easier for a perpetrator to get caught or seen by security guards in a way that incriminates them. In theory, by having private security guards in and around your business, you’re deterring situations like active shooter threats.

#2: De-Escalation Tactics to Reduce Damage

Private security guards are also highly trained in de-escalation tactics. By using psychological questions and statements to engage with the shooter, sometimes damage can be reduced, and lives can be saved. This won’t always be the case, but well-trained security guards will do their best to de-escalate.

#3: Strategies to Stall an Active Shooter Until Law Enforcement Arrives

In addition to de-escalating, security guards can also help you and your staff stall an active shooter, depending on the situation. This can help as the seconds tick by after a 911-call has been placed. Stalling is a critical factor in saving lives and reducing damage to your business.

#4: In Some Cases, Complete Resolution of Situation

Sometimes, disarming an active shooter is possible, though this is rare. De-escalation tactics and stalling can help this be a possibility during an active shooter threat. Every threat is different, but with the right tools and training, sometimes conflicts can be resolved before law enforcement even arrives on-scene.

#5: Observation and Reporting for Law Enforcement

The main advantage to private security guards during an active shooter threat is observation. Private security guards are trained to maintain calm and level-headed during threats, observing details with accuracy. When it comes time to file a report or identify a suspect, these details are critical for law enforcement.

Eagle Eye Protection: Metro Atlanta’s Private Security Solution

If you’re looking for a way to boost your Metro Atlanta business’s security, private security is a great option. These guards can also help secure your residential area, school, or other private institution and keep your students, guests, and clients safe. To learn more about our unique security services, contact us to get a quote today.